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Today's Top Market Headlines – Jan 12, 2018
Hong Kong stocks push ahead, Japan retreats

Euro extends the gains after ECB minutes point to a hawkish tone


A fairly mixed start of the trade in Asia to end the first full week of 2018. Shares in Japan fell back, while those in Hong Kong continued with a record winning streak.

The strong yen weighted on stocks in the Land of the rising sun today. The euro was given a leg up by signals from the ECB that the economy might be strong enough to withstand a retraction of the crisis era stimulus.

That ECB release was the latest in a series of central bank moves that woke investors from their low volatility slumber.

Bitcoin managed to stabilize after four days of retreats amid increasing scrutiny from world regulators. Investor losses and the stability of the power grid.

The more important events till the end of the week are JPMorgan and Wells Fargo’s earnings reports as well as the US inflation data, which is expected to show muted prices for now. We also have China’s export growth figures for December, which is expected to have slowed down.