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Today's Top Market Headlines – Nov 29, 2017
Low taxes it is - stocks in Europe get excited about Trump's tax plan

What’s more North Korea’s missile test was overshadowed


We’re full in business! Stoxx Europe 600 heads for a three week high and most sectors are in the green.

Banks scored best inspired by a rally in the US. That came about when future Fed chair Powell said he isn’t inclined to add extra financial regulation.

Further to the east – in Asia stocks were mixed. The gauges in Tokyo and Australia made headway, while in Seoul they retreated. Guess they noticed North Korea’s ballistic tests.

A funny thing happened in the UK. While news was good that an important Brexit obstacle was traversed and the pound pounced FTSE 100 lost ground. Maybe that’s because the gauge is measured in sterling and anything else couldn’t move it.

In North Korea a rocket was fired, that Kim Jong Un said has the capacity to hit US soil. This ends a period of 2 months of relative quiet on this front. Trump responded with just a: “We’ll take care of it.”