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Today's Top Market Headlines – Dec 16, 2016
European Markets to open mixed; Russian rate decision ahead

European stocks are set to open mixed as investors continue adjusting to the prospect of three additional rate hikes in the U.S. next year. In the meantime, the Italian government is reportedly planning to use 15 billion euros to recapitalize several banks while Monte dei Paschi has formally approved a capital increase. Italy is not Europe’s only concern however as talks of a Grexit are spreading like wildfire in the markets. The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is meeting his German counterpart Angela Merkel in Berlin today to discuss recent block of short-term debt relief measures for Athens, by European creditors. The block came after the Greek government announced additional spending on pensions which counteracts the rules of its bailout program.

Boeing says China orders support 150,000 U.S. jobs a year

Boeing chairman said that China plane orders support approximately 150,000 American jobs every year. Chinese customers are expected to receive 30 percent of all its top-selling 737 models and about 25 percent all aircraft produced in Washington State and South Carolina this year according to Conner. On Thursday, Corner stated that these deliveries are very significant to the nearly Boeing employees who design and assemble the airplanes, in front of a National Committee on U.S.-China Relations event in New York.

Asian Markets close mixed as dollar hits multi-year highs…

U.S. stock markets closed higher yesterday as Asian Markets continued to wobble to record a mixed close. The Fed rate hike has sent the dollar to multi year highs. The dollar was last seen trading flat at 118.18 against the yen having rallied for the last 3 days. U.S. homebuilders’ data has also confirmed that the housing market is strong and it has reinforced Janet Yellen’s statements that the U.S. economy is showing positive signs. In today’s Asian Markets, Japan’s Nikkei added 0.7 percent to close at 19401.15, China A50 closed 0.2 percent lower at 10075.19 while Hang Seng was last seen trading 0.5 percent lower as of 7:50 GMT.