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Today's Top Market Headlines – Nov 23, 2017
The markets thank us this Thanksgiving with gains

Move over, havens, big boys are coming to play


A lot of optimism this Thanksgiving. Could be a coincidence, but markets are all up. Risk appetite sure is back on the table as Stocks Europe 600 making solid gains with basic materials and miners leading the way.

Pretty much the same can be said for the S&P futures. There isn’t a trace from the gloom we became used to the past two weeks.

Gold lost a good 0.5% by 10:43 London time. The yen also gave up some ground.

Oil keeps rocking the boat, as it turns out the worries about global demand are greatly exaggerated. With further output cuts from OPEC seeming imminent things are looking up for the black gold.

The dollar stays strong today despite what you could expect to see in such a day. The euro dropped a little bit though, just as you might expect.

November sure is heading to a good close.