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Today's Top Market Headlines – Nov 21, 2017
Now we're talkin': Europe and the US head for a second day of gains

Global equity indices are on the attack


We’ve kicked off! US and Europe stocks crept higher for a second day. At the same time bonds across Europe followed the rise in Treasuries. Why – Mario Draghi underlined that the ECB will make only minor changes to guidance for next year.

S&P futures continued their bounce back from two straight weeks of correction. Main drivers – construction and healthcare.

Stoxx Europe 600 also made headway. Guess that intense political situation made little difference.

Looking at the B-graders MSCI Emerging markets reached it’s highest in more than 6 years. China sure is beating back!

WTI recovered a bit after the blow it took on Monday. All in all a wonderful market picture – you couldn’t really hope for anything better.

We were right: T’was a green day for stocks and the US nailed it

The equity onslaught continues


Europe and the US seem to have finally caught the magical formula to get outta the quagmire! US stocks finished on the green after a terrific session in Europe. We expect Asia to join in the party first thing in the morning.

A quick reminder on to what caused the market spur – it was Mario Draghi’s comments that the ECB will only maker minor changes to guidance for next year. That did it!

Construction and healthcare scored particularly well today in the US. Both of them went up by more than 3%.

All sectors were on the green safe for consumer essentials. Guess some shares had to be sold for others to be bought.

We can’t reiterate enough what good of a picture we’re having. Hope it stays like this for tomorrow!