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Today's Top Market Headlines – Oct 13, 2017
Despite Friday 13th, another record for US stocks

Inflation slowed, highlighting greater real economic growth

US shares climber to fresh records as a core inflation reading showed that it had slowed, which added to evidence that economic growth is taking place without price increases. The dollar managed to restore losses.


Here’s what caught our eye among stocks:

S&P 500 added 0.1% to 2,553.17 at 4:14 PM. in New York.

Dow Jones gained 0.1%.

Nasdaq climbed 0.2%.

All three US indices reached records heights.

The Stoxx Europe 600 Index added 0.3%.

MSCI All-Country gained 0.2%.

IBEX Index dropped 0.2%.

MSCI Emerging Markets jumped 0.5%.


Fairly boring session for currencies:

The dollar managed to erase a loss of 0.3% to finish the day unchanged.

The euro was little changed at $1.1825.

The Turkish lira sprung 0.7%.


A very bullish session for commodities:

WTI crude rose 76 cents to $51.36 a barrel, after rising earlier to the highest in more than a week.

Gold rose 0.7% to $1,302.85 an ounce.