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Today's Top Market Headlines – Jan 4, 2018
The green wave is everywhere: Asian stocks climb with not a danger in sight

Japanese shares with biggest single day jump in 14 months


You couldn’t really expect anything better! Stocks in Asia raced forward as the signs the global synchronized growth in 2017 remain still intact. Shares in Japan had their biggest one-day jump in 14 months – 2,6% and 3,3% respectively for TOPIX and Nikkei 225.

At the same time a flow of manufacturing gauges signalized world’s factories are running at full production. Especially in China. MSCI Asia is about to close at a new record as chief benchmarks in Tokyo closed at the highest in a quarter of a century.

The dollar dropped with the beginning of European trade and the euro is just a percent away from its strongest since January 2015. Yields on longer term US Treasuries stayed lower after they dropped yesterday after the Fed’s minutes were published.

WTI went up, passing $62 going to levels, considered strong enough to spur new shale drilling in the US. Bitcoin continued to stabilize at around $15,000.

We’ve hit it big! Dow at 25,000 for the first time!

Trading volume in the US surges despite the storm


It’s all sights locked on the Dow! Encouraged by the green tsunami, that engulfed world markets the Dow Jones Industrial Average opened this morning on a level of 25,060.

This way it scored the fastest 1,000th milestone in its history. The Dow hit 24,000 on November 30th so that’s exactly 35 days. MAGA!

Yup – yesterday it was all about the S&P reaching a milestone, the day before Nasdaq passed 7,000 and today it’s about the Dow. Whatta time to be alive!

But the S&P particularly stood out today – volumes were 30% higher than the 30-day average and that’s despite the storm. Guess all ‘em hangover traders suddenly came back from New Year’s.