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Today's Top Market Headlines – Dec 4, 2017
And the market goes wild! Senate approves tax plan and stock rumble

US Senate pulled off passing the tax reform in early hours on Saturday


That’s some start of the week! Senate narrowly approved Trump’s ambitions corporate tax reform, involving a drastic corporate tax reduction. Futures on the S&P 500 skyrocketed and so did European shares and the Asian ones as well, albeit a bit mixed.

Markets remained strong despite the investigation into Trump’s aides’ connection to Russia. Russia – Shmrussia, it’s all about taxes today!

The dollar restored some of the land lost on Friday and it looks like Stoxx Europe 600 is heading to its first day of gains in three days and almost all sectors advanced.

We got some major events coming up this week – On Monday the finance ministers of the Eurozone are meeting to discuss the future of the region, debate Greece’s bailout and vote for a new president. All in Brussels.

The European Commission College of Commissioners will discuss Brexit on Wednesday. It’ll likely make its recommendation on whether enough progress has been made to move the negotiations to a future relationship.