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Trading involves significant
risk of loss
Who We Are

BullMarkets™ is a broker offering investors an optimal trading experience within a transparent and secure environment. Find out more.

What We Offer

We provide Instant Market Access to worldwide audiences, our platform allows for light speed trade execution and enables clients to place their options in an easy and effortless manner. Find out more.

Where We Are Headed

Our aim is to keep moving forward, we seek to exceed your expectations and fortify our strong market presence by maintaining unparalleled customer support and quality of service! Find out more.

About BullMarkets

BullMarkets™ was established by a group of financial analysts and expert brokers with an entrepreneurial mentality and a drive to offer an innovative trading experience to wider audiences. BullMarkets™ is one of the fastest growing brokers in Europe.

BullMarkets™ acts an intermediary broker, routing all traders’ orders to a liquidity provider, we thus act as mere mediators. This means that we seek to invest in our traders and strive to give them the guidance and support they need, to help them delve into the world of trading and make informed speculative trades. We thus enable our traders to have a clear picture of trading while being aware of all the risks involved.

What we offer:
Simple trading – User friendly experience

Committed to make trading accessible to everyone, we offer simple trading tools and easy access to instant trading, enabling traders to make speculative investments anytime, anywhere.

Safety of Funds

We are committed to provide a transparent and secure trading environment. BullMarkets™ provides online traders with absolute transparency of deposited funds which are maintained in segregated accounts separated from the company’s own funds.


Placing first-class security at the forefront, our advanced trading platform features an unparalleled level of data encryption ensuring that your personal information and equity remain private and secure. To this end, our firm maintains the highest level of SSL Certification, issued with 256-bits session key encryption.

High Returns / Fixed risks

Offering a maximum return on investment of up to 85%, BullMarkets™ allows investors to experience quick and immediate profits on their speculative trades. Each trade will have a predetermined risk which equals to the amount of the investment. There is no additional risk of leverage, no spread, no brokerage charges and no hidden commissions.

24hour Support

We place our client’s needs as our top priority and aim to achieve 100% satisfaction at all times. We thus offer our clients expert support and assistance in a multitude of languages, on a 24/5 basis.

Additional bonuses

BullMarkets™ offers new and existing customers attractive bonuses so that they can increase their trading flexibility. We also offer a *$25 No Deposit Bonus to new traders and an additional $50 bonus for individual referrals.

* The amount shall be in the base currency the client has chosen upon registration, i.e. GBP, USD or EUR. The amount of the deposit currency is represented in units.

Support & Education

In BullMarkets™ we view our traders as the key to our own success and as such we aim to educate them as much as possible so that they can make successful speculative trades. In order to achieve this goal we offer an exciting variety of unique educational tools such as video courses, articles, e-books and free online webinars.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our clients with an optimal online trading experience, giving them access to the latest technology and most profitable options in the industry. We strive to give our clients the highest possible quality of service as we believe they are our most valuable asset in building an adamant market reputation.